Modena is world-famous for mechanics. Mechanics is always the first prerogative of the people from Modena. It is not just a job but a true passion, it is the province’s key industry. In fact, it was not by mere chance that CABOL was established and developed in Modena, to become a leading business in the field of hydraulic power. In 1980, following previous experiences in the field of hydraulic power, CABOL focused on devising and producing oil-hydraulic control units and top-of-the-range oil-hydraulic cylinders. The company works mainly for the ceramics, plastic, sheet metal and testing industries. Cabol has also developed considerable know-how in fields where advanced hydraulic power can be implemented, such as for University and biomedical laboratories, where cylinders and servo-cylinders with special technical specifications and high performances are required. CABOL has always been a breakthrough business since it started and is still growing today (in the size of its premises, the number of employees but also the number of new ideas that it keeps delivering).
In the field of ceramics, it works with major worldwide manufacturers of casting and pressing machinery. It is also gaining market shares in other reference sectors. The persistence of such results are based on ongoing research focused on innovating and improving its products.