EXEQUO: movement of telescopic cylinders in perfect parallel

EXEQUO is a system to control the movement of ascent and descent cylinder tuse with simple operation.

It is a system that allows movement of the hydraulic cylinders mounted telescopic tuse the mold perfectly parallel.

This enables the operation of replacement buffer or mold safely without the risk that they may overreach endangering the operator and / or damaging the system and plates’ applicable to all cylinders tuse Cabol: lifting the mold, and semistampo buffer.

For operation, the system will require ‘a hydraulic alimentazizone with 220v at 50 hz.

Here cabol to provide the complete system can ‘integrate the system with “upright, the unit portable multifunction just 220v or battery powered 24 v transformer for charging

Another demonstration that cabol well-established role in the design and manufacture of cylinders hydraulic servocylinders becomes more and more ‘patner a thousand resources for the world of ceramics.