TROLLEY: Electro-trolley system with manual control

TROLLEY Electro-trolley system with manual control.
This system is a valuable aid for those who work during the maneuvers of buffer replacement and / or matrix.
The Trolley controls the loading of the lifting cylinders TUSE buffer, and the hydraulic system of engagement / release, to lift the array.
It can perform multiple operations on press off.
The device is a small Trolley transported effortlessly from one press to another, is useful in any situation or system where it is required to add or remove oil under pressure.
It requires no extensions for the current as it is equipped with its own battery and operates at low
voltage (24 V) for operator safety.
It has a long battery life before needing to be recharged with its special charger.
There is also a trolley version that allows you to load and unload the houses before putting them away in the warehouse.