The strength of precision

Highly specialised in the hydraulics sector for 40 years, Cabol produces hydraulic cylinders, servo-cylinders, high pressure integrated units, electrohydraulic linear actuators and hydraulic components in general

Cabol believes strongly in precision construction, careful selection of materials and vast flexibility in response to customer’s needs, the keys to always offering the best product in the best times and at the best costs.


Flexibility at the state of the art

Cabol offers customers total
flexibility, , with competitive prices
even for minimal quantities, down to single units,
with reliability and
low maintenance costs.

Cabol is able to design leading-edge solutions
for quality products that meet
the market’s ever-increasing demands,
thanks to its design engineers who research,
develop and test systems constantly at the state of the art.


Experience at the service of all

Expert advice on the best characteristics, times and costs for every product and service has always been integral to the Cabol philosophy.

Electrohydraulic linear actuator

Cabol offers all sectors the new Power Tronic solution, the state-of-the-art electrohydraulic alternative to the standard hydraulic or electric cylinder.

Power Tronic is an innovative, compact, plug & play system that generates the maximum efficiency with minimal energy use, with impressive sustainability benefits. It is a very versatile product as it offers a large range of linear actuators from 100N to 50,000N.
The product can be interfaced with current Industry 4.0 communication protocols to enable remote control, it is very flexible and, above all, its price is highly competitive.

Cabol is also able to produce it in the 100% stainless steel version, enabling its application in sectors with very specific needs, such as food, pharmaceuticals and shipbuilding (luxury yachts).


The benefits of Power Tronic

  • It simplifies the system by cutting out hoses and the power unit;
  • It eliminates the risk of fluid leaks
  • It reduces the dimensions of the entire system compared to the traditional hydraulic solution
  • It is able to deliver high powers, typical of a hydraulic cylinder, with the easy installation and use of an electric cylinder
  • It cuts the cost of the entire system
  • It requires less space than pneumatic and electric cylinders

Custom and ISO hydraulic cylinders

Cabol is able to draw on its vast experience in the sector to satisfy all its customers’ needs, and it produces custom hydraulic cylinders for all requirements: for new-design machines or to replace an existing machine. It also supplies products to the customer’s design or designed by Cabol with materials and treatments that ensure a long lifetime and excellent operation.

Every customer can access the services of our in-house Technical Department for design of the machine or system to his criteria, without having to adapt to ISO standard cylinders. This allows the provision of an efficient service even for very small quantities, down to single units.

In all cases, Cabol is able to specify the best material, treatments and seal types for the component, to ensure the tightness and lifetime required in all cases.

Cabol custom cylinders are the most competitive, beneficial solution: the reliability of the materials used and the company’s experience prevent failures, with the relative costs and risk of production stoppages.

High performance servo-cylinders

Pressure-reducing and hydrostatic servo-cylinders are able to collect the data of a system, a machine or both during testing or production. These applications demand a long working life combined with optimal system data management.

Thanks to high-precision machining processes, these products are used for special tests such as those on Formula 1 cars, for earthquake monitoring platforms and in biomechanical tests.

Cabol servo-cylinders meet all needs, with outstanding quality ensured by close cooperation with every customer’s technical department, high quality production and Cabol’s decades of experience in the sector, where it again offers total flexibility, with even minimal production quantities down to the single unit.


Cabol’s markets

Cabol’s products are available for a vast array of sectors: ceramics, plastics, sheet metal and
testing, as well as for the steel, off-shore, shipbuilding, biomedical and food industries.

Cabol products are distributed in Italy and abroad:
China, Germany, Russia.


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