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Research is the driving force behind the company. Cabol’s strategy is to continue to propose groundbreaking solutions, products and ideas that anticipate market demands by creating new quality standards.

The technical department, which is the heart of the company, is fully equipped with 3D design software. The innovation mentality of its designers has placed Cabol in a position of outright leadership in terms of innovation and quality.

Research and development

In the field of hydraulics, Cabol is considered a trustworthy and reliable partner by leading plant manufacturers because of its expertise in assisting the customer right from the design stage up to manufacturing the finished product. Every day, Cabol’s design engineers study, develop and test customized solutions for the specific needs of each customer. The company is able to carry out project studies, produce prototypes and pre-series products upon request and even with very short time constraints. The aim is not only to build a functional product for the system, but also to devise advanced and quality solutions that meet even the most varied needs of the market.

The projects developed by Cabol are designed and built to last and to provide high performance to improve the machines of its customers. Cabol is therefore more than a simple supplier; it is a true partner capable of developing projects in synergy with the customer and able to propose innovative solutions.