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Cabol has always produced its own brand of products and over the years has adapted itself to the needs of the market. It has adopted increasingly efficient technologies such as state of the art vertical and horizontal machining centres, turning, drilling, milling, lapping, grinding centres and so on. In addition to dimensional controls and the final testing of the product, sample checks are also carried out at each processing stage to ensure the highest possible quality.


We believe that the best way to describe our production is to compare our company to a quality tailor who creates highly sought after bespoke suits. In fact, unlike many other companies, it is not easy for us to present a range of products accompanied by a catalogue, as standard cylinders are only a very small part of our range.

Cabol is known as a company in which there are no limits in terms of the design and manufacture of cylinders, servo cylinders and anything else related to hydraulics. For Cabol, a customer’s problem and his need to overcome it becomes an additional “tailored suit” cut and made up especially for that situation and with those characteristics.

Many images shown on the website are just an example of products that were not available on the standard market and that have fulfilled the needs of our customers. Contact us if you have a particular requirement, a problem or an issue involving hydraulic cylinders, servo cylinders, integrated high pressure units, rotary actuators, electro-hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders in general. We can create a new product that will provide the solution for you and additional satisfaction for us.