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Founded in Modena

Modena is world famous for mechanical engineering. In fact, mechanical engineering is always in the eyes and on the lips and in the hearts and minds of people from Modena. It is more than a job; it is more than a passion. It is no coincidence that Cabol, a leading company in the field of hydraulics, was founded and developed in Modena.

Experience and quality

Established in 1980 as the result of previous experiences in the hydraulic sector, Cabol immediately distinguished itself for the design and production of high quality hydraulic power units and cylinders. The company has always worked in the leading industrial sectors such as processing plant for ceramics, plastics, sheet metal, wood, shipbuilding, the steel industry and mechanical handling in general. It subsequently also developed considerable expertise in sectors using advanced hydraulics such as university laboratories or in the biomedical field, military applications, or test benches, in which cylinders and servo cylinders with special technical characteristics and very high performance are required.

Continuous innovation

Cabol has always been at the forefront of innovation and today it is still growing in terms of the size of its facilities and the number of employees but also in terms of the number of new ideas that it continues to develop. It works in partnership with the leading manufacturers and builders of plant and machinery in the sectors mentioned above, but continuous research focused on innovation and product improvement means that the company is also increasing its market share in other sectors.