We believe that the best way to define our production range is to compare CABOL with a sort of supreme dressmaker that tailors prestigious and individual clothing.
It is not simple to present our product range in a catalogue, like many others do, because the construction of standard cylinders is only a small part of what we do.
CABOL is now known as a business where there are no limits to designing and making cylinders, servo cylinders and anything else related to hydraulic power.
Customers’ problems and their need to resolve them becomes another “tailored dress” for Cabol, which it will cut and put together appropriately for the specific circumstance and specifications.

The site images represent just an example of products that were not available on the standard marketplace but that have satisfied the requests of our customers.
So, if you have a special requirement, a problem or some issue on hydraulic cylinders, servo cylinders, integrated high-pressure units, rotary actuators and oil-hydraulic units, generally speaking, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make a new product, which for you will be the solution, and for us yet another satisfaction.