Cabol aspires objectively to work over an array of fields. Hydraulic power can be expanded in the future by coacting with electro-mechanics and electronics. We can and we must do more. Our products will accomplish even more efficient performances in terms of speed, pressure and power. It will be possible to control and manage operational parameters even better. This is the goal that Cabol strives to achieve.Alfredo Missana
General Manager

Unexpected difficulties sometimes occur while drawing-up a solution or an idea. While looking for an appropriate answer from past knowledge, the possibility that a new direction could be the right way to proceed should not be underestimated. Technologies are improving and knowledge of materials is growing. To ensure customers the best solution possible, we have to broaden our horizons and think how we can improve day after day.
Lino Mazzoni
Production Manager

Modena is famous throughout the world for mechanics. In Modena mechanics is always what you talk about, what you see, what you think of, what you adore.
More than a job, more even than a passion: maybe it’s like what a piadina is to a person from Romagna. So it’s no accident that Modena gave birth to and developed Cabol, a leading firm in the field of hydraulic systems.

Born in 1980 out of previous experience in the sector, Cabol immediately captured worldwide attention for design and production of high-quality hydraulic cylinders and power packs. We work mainly in industrial sectors such as plant for ceramics, plastics, sheet metal and wood.
But Cabol has also developed considerable know-how in sectors requiring sophisticated hydraulic systems such as university laboratories or the biomedical fields where cylinders and servo-cyliners with special characteristics very high performance are requested.

Cabol is always at the cutting edge and is still growing: this as regards size of establishments, number of employees, but also quantity of new ideas generated.
In the field of ceramics it partners the world’s top producers in regard to dies and presses. In other relevant sectors, too, our market share is expanding.
These ongoing successes are based on continuous research aimed at innovation and improvement of the products.