Electro-hydraulic cylinders with position transducer

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These hydraulic cylinders are driven by an electro-hydraulic power unit integrated on the cylinder. This solution eliminates the need for pipes and fittings between the power unit and the hydraulic cylinder and therefore any potential leaks. The cylinder acts like a normal electric linear axis, combining the advantages of the enormous thrust power of the hydraulic cylinders with the versatility and compactness of electric cylinders. The most economical standard versions use a three-phase AC 380/50/60 Hz motor that can be operated both directly and with an inverter (with reversal of the direction of rotation to retract or extend the cylinder via the deceleration ramp). This version requires an internal linear position sensor (analogue 4-20ma, or digital CAN bus) which allows the instantaneous position of the rod to be read. They can also be fitted with brushless motors and relative drives PROFINET, PROFIBUS, ETHERCAT, ETHERNET IP. Position and speed control is managed via the customer’s axis card or PLC. These electrohydraulic cylinders are part of the Evo-C3 range.